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Bring a friend to Camp!

With the days getting warmer and the sun setting later, it sure does make us wish for the summer days to arrive! Moms thinking about slower mornings, not packing lunches and no homework. Kids thinking about playing late into the evening, not eating at school, and no homework.

And Camp. Summer approaching makes us think about Camp.

T Bar M Camper (and Alumni kiddo), Campbell, thinks about the friends, the fun, and all she gets to do at Camp. There is a smile on her face that shows she can't wait to be back to Base Camp in June ... with friends, yellow meal, and no homework!

There is a bit more she is excited about ... Campbell's friend is joining her at Camp for the first time this summer. She can't wait for Leah to experience the "fun and exciting (and awesome) week because you get to have so much fun while you learn about God." (She's also pretty pumped about her friend doing the high ropes course too!)

Experiencing Jesus wrapped up in all the fun, has her counting the days to this summer, but remembering how she felt about God at Camp has her thinking about last summer. "For me, it's different at Camp, being cheered on and encouraged by the Coaches all the time is just good to be around. God uses it to help us in our homes, with our friends, and at school."

Coming back summer after summer, yields another sweetness: Camp Friends. Another friend, Kallie, (& Alumni kiddo) and Campbell have come to camp before together. "I love it because I don't get to see her except at Camp, and when we are together, we go BIG with everything ... playing together, worshipping together, playing together. We go all in!"

There is indeed something sweet about going to camp. A home away from home with new friends and old friends that form family for a week ... and longer.

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Running the Race

There is a race run at Camp Travis each Wednesday of the Summer. In looking through the epic photos, we can't help but see God's Word coming alive. And if we listen closely enough, we see how it reminds us how to run the race we are in daily (just with less mud ... hopefully). […]
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We are all on a journey

Braxton Zella, former Camper, Coach, and Director encourages and challenges us while sharing his journey and the impact T Bar M has had in his life. "We’re all on a journey. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan illustrates this journey by telling the story of a traveler or pilgrim in a foreign land heading toward […]
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In the Glory Days

Each week, we see many of YOU, former T Bar M Campers and Coaches, bringing your Campers (and we are banking on future Coaches) through the Gates. Sure, we reminisce about the "good ol' days" ... pointing out what cabin we were in, talking about the "walk to the dock" before there were stairs, laughing […]
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