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T Bar M understands the value of a change of scenery and the positive benefits nature provides. We balance those elements with comfort and functionality to offer unique and inspiring meeting spaces that spur fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Whether you’re planning a large conference or a more intimate gathering, our expert planning and catering staff will help you select the ideal meeting space for your group to reflect, relate, and create.

With 30,000 square feet of meeting space, big groups and big ideas feel right at home. If your group is going to need more wide-open (meeting) spaces, head to our Lake Travis facility. Just outside of Austin, we have 140 acres of lake-front property perfect for larger groups.

Bring your group and grow in community.

conference rooms

With four dedicated meeting spaces, we can accommodate groups of up to 350. Each room allows for flexibility in setup and function. Presentation? Conversation? Collaboration? Whatever your ‘ation’, we have a meeting space to accommodate you.

  • Buttercup

  • Bluebonnet

  • Texas Sage

breakout spaces

Meeting in small groups fosters connection, accountability, and sharing. Knowing the value of small group time, we’ve created breakout spaces ideal for more intimate meetings.

  • Outdoor Spaces

  • Firewheel

  • Primrose

the sanctuary

Nestled in the trees of the Hill Country, the Sanctuary is both beautiful and functional.

With 4,800 square feet of meeting space, this pavilion-like log cabin is open on three sides, making it perfect for a semi-outdoor event. With a large stone fireplace, antique wood floors, an indoor/outdoor balcony, and high-cathedral ceilings, the sanctuary is the epitome of rustic elegance.

  • The Sanctuary

meet under the trees

Meeting outside is ideal for thinking out of the box.

Each area has unique features and can be used for fellowship, brainstorming, bbq’s, picnics, and gatherings. Being outdoors together breaks down barriers, sparks creativity, and can inspire a fresh perspective.

We believe in the positive benefits of nature and appreciate the value of small group time. Our outdoor spaces prioritize these two important aspects of growing in community.

  • Outdoor Spaces

functional dining spaces

Prefer to eat while you meet? Us too! Our dining spaces are designed for this winning combo, allowing your guests to enjoy a meal and a presentation simultaneously. Our expertly-trained catering staff is experienced serving guests during banquets, ceremonies, and special events of all sizes.

  • Buckboard

  • Chuckwagon

get flexibility and plenty of space

At 14,760 square feet, The Arena is our largest, most adaptable indoor meeting space.

This space is multipurpose and has been used for almost every type of event. From tradeshows, to cheer camps, to conventions, this space transforms to fit your needs and accommodate your group.

  • The Arena

spicewood, tx

lake travis meeting spaces

Our lake front property could be a perfect fit for you.

If you’re looking for a place to spread out your large group and have a lake-front property to yourself, our beautiful Lake Travis property may be the perfect space for your group to connect, retreat, and adventure. The amphitheater is a beautiful outdoor option looking out onto Lake Travis. The Outpost is a great space for any indoor meeting space needs for you and your group.

  • Outpost Meeting Room

  • Lakeview Amphitheatre


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