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a better fielding game is only the beginning

The ultimate baseball experience.

T Bar M is bringing you the Ultimate Baseball Camp experience at D-Bat New Braunfels. Your athlete will receive high level instruction from college Coaches and Players, along with the Christ-centered teaching you expect from T Bar M. The relationships made, the spiritual development, and the baseball training they’ll receive make this the pinnacle of all Baseball Camps.

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D-BAT New Braunfels couldn’t be more excited to partner with T Bar M Camps to provide the Ultimate Baseball Camp Experience! The combination of the D-BAT Corporations 20+ years of experience in putting on baseball camps, the Rutledge family’s 30+ years of coaching experience and T Bar M’s 35+ years of experience in Christ-Centered Adventure is a match made in heaven! Your athlete is guaranteed to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually as a baseball player and more importantly as a person!

Summer Coaches

Our heroes.

Players need someone to follow.

Baseball skill is one thing, but more importantly we want to show our campers a trustworthy person a few steps ahead of them in life. And a fun person sure is a bonus! Camps have these in ABUNDANCE.

At T Bar M, we give everyone who walks through our gates amazing leaders to follow. Whether it is simply following their Coach to the next activity or dining hall or as deep as following the character and example they see in this person while at Camp. This is what sets Ultimate Baseball Camp apart from other specialty camps.

Sample Schedule

A Typical Day at Ultimate Baseball/Softball Camp

8:30 AM - Breakfast

9:00 AM - First Fruits

First Fruits is when campers use theirTrail Guide (camp devotional)and havea personal bible study/quiet time with God. 

9:45 AM - Sports Specialty

11:50 PM - Lunch

12:30 PM - FOB

Feet On Bunk is time spent in the cabin to rest.

1:40 PM - Sports Specialty

3:30 PM - Snack

A short break when campers get a snack … and who can’t resist a fun snack!

6:40 PM - Dinner

7:45 PM - Theme Night

Theme Night is are crazy fun time of dress up and cool themed games.

8:30 PM - Main Thing

We sing songs, play up front games, have skits, videos and a teaching from the Bible. This is one of the best times of the day at camp.

10:00 PM - Cabin Time

This when campers, their cabin mates and coaches discuss the message, First Fruits time and any other spiritual focused conversation just before lights out.

10:30 PM - Lights Out

We sing songs, play up front games, have skits, videos and a teaching from the Bible. This is one of the best times of the day at camp.

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online features for parents

When you register you will have access to several online features. Here are a few:

Friend Request

Want to make sure you and another camper are in the same cabin or group? By making a Friend Request, we can guarantee your camper to be with 1 or 2 friends in their cabin or group. This would be a total group of 3. All friends must be within one grade of each other (ex: 4th & 5th grade could be together). If you want to add an additional friend (4th one out) please put it in the Additional Notes / Friend Request Notes.

To create or accept a Friend Request, login to My Account, select your camper’s registration, then click Friend Request.


We offer several shuttles to help Day Camper’s get to camp. You will be able to reserve a spot on a shuttle during or after registration.

To reserve shuttle transportation, login to My Account, select your camper’s registration, then click Transportation & Shuttles.

More features include payment options, health profile, photos and Coach notes. In addition, camp parents also have a chance to download the T Bar M App giving you easy access to your profile.

Sports Camp Directors

  • Seth McCord

    New Braunfels Camps Director

  • Madi Fuqua

    Sports Camp Women's Director

  • Jacob Stevens

    Sports Camp Men's Director

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