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take your swim game to the next level

Join five-time Olympic medalist Josh Davis for a week of stroke-refining, adventure-chasing, Jesus-loving fun. Hours of individual swim instruction plus all the wild camp fun you expect from T Bar M Camps.

  • 2021 Ultimate Swim Camp Session 10

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If you have already registered for camp, the Summer Camp Resource page has lots of information available about camp this summer.  Check it out!

Summer Camp Resources
2020 Packing List
see what He has done

summer 2020 impact report

“Camp CAN Open!”

Never have these words been so wonderful to hear! By God’s grace, we saw many campers – and their parents – respond with overwhelming enthusiasm over coming to camp.

  • 3,389 campers this summer
  • 489 (14%) received some financial assistance
  • 378 campers trusted Jesus for the first time
  • 887 campers re-dedicated their lives to Christ
  • 1074 campers wanting help reading the Word
  • 1427 (42%) campers committed to read daily

Read our 2020 Summer Impact Report and see what the Lord did at T Bar M!


2020 summer impact report



Ultimate Swim Camp activities

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sample Schedule

A typical day at Ultimate Swim Camp.

7:00 AM - Early Swim

Start the day with Coaches Josh and Dan with a morning workout in the pool.

8:30 AM - Breakfast

The Chuckwagon is a favorite gathering place because this is where all the food action happens … it’s a yummy camp experience. Cabin Clean-up … parents, you can thank us later! And just so you know … points are awarded each day so it’s a competition!

9:30 AM - Batter's Box

Small group time where campers dive deep in God’s word to set the perspective of the day. This message will be the “Think Twice” in all they do showing how God’s word is lived out practically

9:50 AM - Sports Specialty

Campers spend 2 hours a day training in our olympic size pool.

Noon - Sports Center

Sports Center is camps version of “SportsCenter” to keep campers updated on the latest in sports.

12:15 PM - Lunch

1:30 PM - FOB

Feet On Bunk is time spent in the cabin to rest.

2:15 PM - Sports Challenge

Sports Challenge is when campers are divided between Alpha and Omega teams and compete in various activities where all physical and mental skills are challenged!


Fired Up And Going Nuts Every Minute – Camp shines during these crazy fun competitive games.

3:00 PM - Cabin X (Extravaganza)

Cabin X is when cabins rotate through different varies cabin activities earning points toward Cabin of the Week.

4:15 PM - Time Out

Time Out is a short break when campers get a snack … and who can’t resist a fun snack!

4:30 PM - Camper Time

Camper Time is chance for cabins to decide for themselves what to do around camp. Some choose to swim while others choose to craft … so many fun activities to choose from!

5:45 PM - Dinner

7:15 PM - Theme Night

Amazing theme parties where campers get to dress up and play unique activities as a cabin.

8:00 PM - Team Meeting

Team Meeting is when the whole camp comes together for songs, skits, and a short message to wrap-up the day.

9:30 PM - Cabin Time

Cabin Huddle is a time for campers and coaches to talk about the day, what they learned, and pray.

9:50 PM - Camper Lights Out!

Get some sleep, and rest up for the next day.

Opening Day

Camp will officially open with an Opening Ceremony at 2:35pm. An email with all the details will be sent to you two-weeks before camp begins!

Closing Day

Parents and family are invited to hug your camper Saturday morning. Everything starts at 8:20am. More details to come in an email on the Thursday of camp!

Summer Coaches

Our heroes.

Swimmers need someone to follow.

Swim skills are one thing, but showing our campers a trustworthy person a few steps ahead of them in life is even more important. And a fun person sure is a bonus! Camps have these in ABUNDANCE.

At T Bar M, we give everyone who walks through our gates amazing leaders to follow. Whether it is simply following their Coach to the next activity or dining hall or as deep as following the character and example they see in this person while at Camp. This is what sets Ultimate Swim Camp apart from other specialty camps.


see what everyone has to say

Did you know 86% of our campers come because someone they know recommended T Bar M.

So don’t take our word for it. See what moms, dads and campers have to say about their experience with T Bar M.

  • T Bar M ... wow, I’m just tearing up thinking about it because my daughter Mikayla, she was so miserable at school and then she went to T Bar M overnight camp. They poured into her life and just said “you gonna get through it. You gonna look back on it later and say this made you stronger.” Everything they did focused back on the Bible. Myself, as a parent, can tell our kids that, but when someone else as a 20-something-year-old says “I walk this same struggle as you” and is pouring that into your child and comes back and says “I can make it!” Oh what a blessing that is.

    Mavis Cantu

    San Antonio, Texas

  • When I think about T Bar M I think of the word life-transforming. The reason why is my experience at T Bar M gave me life. I think about the trajectory of my life, and it’s been changed. It’s been altered. And I think about how my faith, all of a sudden, became real.

    Loren Hsiao

    Dallas, TX

  • Camp gave my son a way to be confident in his faith. God and His promises became a little more real. We know he met Christ at T Bar M. He talks about it. So it’s become this special place for us because we get to relive that with him every time we go back there.

    Cyndea Sampson

    San Antonio, Texas

  • For any parent that is contemplating camp, I will say this, there are a million things that are after our money and time for our children, we look at camp as an eternal investment. Not only are they going to have a great time, they are going to come away changed, mature and experience some independence in a really safe way. You will find a community of people here that will come alongside you as parents and partner with you in pointing your kids to Jesus.

    Lesley Ryden

    Midland, Texas

  • Christ centered adventure at camp is preparing my kids for that Christ centered adventure in life. There is no better teaching than living life 24/7 in a camp setting with young college kids encouraging them every step of the way. My kids experience the good and the hard. That's why they grow at camp.

    Kevin Myer

    Frisco, Texas

  • If I could tell someone to do camp, I would say do it because you will have the best time of your life! It will become your second home like it has mine.

    Kylie – Sports Camp camper

    Houston, Texas

camp resources

Packing list, summer theme, theme nights and MORE!
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online features for parents

When you register you will have access to several online features. Here are a few:

Friend Request

Want to make sure you and another camper are in the same cabin or group? By making a Friend Request, we can guarantee your camper to be with 1 or 2 friends in their cabin or group. This would be a total group of 3. All friends must be within one grade of each other (ex: 4th & 5th grade could be together). If you want to add an additional friend (4th one out) please put it in the Additional Notes / Friend Request Notes.

To create or accept a Friend Request, login to My Account, select your camper’s registration, then click Friend Request.


NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, shuttles are not offered this summer. They will return in Summer 2021!

We offer several shuttles to help your camper get to camp. You will be able to reserve a spot on a shuttle during or after registration.

To reserve shuttle transportation, login to My Account, select your camper’s registration, then click Transportation & Shuttles.

More features include payment options, health profile, photos and Coach notes. In addition, camp parents also have a chance to download the T Bar M App giving you easy access to your profile.

Still have questions?

Base Camp Directors

  • Madi Fuqua

    Base Camp Women's Director

  • Jacob Stevens

    Base Camp Men's Director/Facilities

  • Jacob Overby

    Base Camp Director

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