Summer 2023 First Half Overview


Take a look at what the Lord has done!

At T Bar M Camps, every moment is an opportunity to Rise Up! From the break of dawn to the stillness of the starlit nights, our campers and staff enjoy community that fosters Christ-centered adventure, lifelong friendships, and an unwavering sense of purpose. As the sun-drenched days unfolded, campers have scaled rock walls, embraced new relationships, raced down water slides, busted out their best dance moves, and discovered new levels of fun! We are thanking God for another summer of growth, connection, and unbounded joy.

With hearts full of anticipation for the second half of our FUAGNEM summer, join us in reflecting on the cherished memories of this summer’s first 5 weeks!

The best part about T Bar M was getting to experience God’s love through the community I met throughout the week!

– Rileigh K

We love to hear the stories God writes. Do you have one to tell?

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T Bar M Base Camp Highlights

T Bar M Camp Travis Highlights


The legendary Alpha vs. Omega competition has been an absolute riot these first five weeks! A rivalry that runs deep since the beginning of T Bar M time. In the beginning, the Omegas seemed unstoppable, maintaining a steady lead but in the fifth week, the Alphas emerged from the shadows with a jaw-dropping comeback, surging ahead to claim the lead! Who will win the summer?

Calling all second half campers!! Get ready to unleash your secret strategies, hardcore competition, and unmatched enthusiasm, setting the stage for a showdown to claim the ultimate victory.

T Bar M Day Camps' Highlights

T Bar M Family Camp Highlights

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