Summer 2023 Overview


Don't Waste Fun!!

To make sure you don’t miss an ounce of T Bar M fun, we’ve rounded up some summer memories to share. From sunrise to stargazing, we’ve witnessed God’s handiwork unfold each day through relationships, adventure, and of course… tons of FUN!

Thank you, parents, for entrusting us with your wonderful campers and being a part of this camp family. We cherish the days your campers spend inside our gates, and we are FUAGNEM to see them return home to share the love of God with others.

Join us in thanking God for another summer of growth, connection, and unbounded joy!

P.S. Read on to see who won the summer, Alphas or Omegas!

I always want to come back to T Bar M because this is where I learned that God is in my heart forever. I trust my coaches and always love the friends I make!
– Abby T.

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This summer’s first half Alpha vs Omega competitions left us on the edge of our seats. But just when we thought we had seen it all, the Omegas unleashed an unmatched storm of determination and creativity! With a breathtaking comeback that defied all odds, they soared to the top, claiming the summer victory! 

Alphas are you ready for a re-match?! We’ll see you back here next summer for another epic showdown!

A Glimpse Into Teaching Time