Welcome Home, Alumni

Saying “welcome home” as YOU walk through the gate, sure puts a smile on our face! 

It gives you the opportunity to perhaps step back in time a bit to remember how God met you and shaped you while you spent part of your summer or part of your year at T Bar M.

Glenn Stern (former camper, coach) said it well as he picked up his daughter from Camp Travis, “There is something about being here that reminds you who God created you to be.”   

It gives us all the opportunity to see the continuation of God’s story in your life, cheer for you, pray for you and give you a bit of respite.

We saw a whole lot of that this month as we welcomed many alumni.  Will Washington, speaking to a group of University of Texas Students, Emma Dotter & the Join the Journey team embarking on a weekend of team building, Andy Zinkgraf checking out school space for a retreat, or John Boudreaux, Garrett Newsom, Ana, Brett, and Bonnie coming with a family CRU weekend. It was a JOY to see you each serving the Lord in so many capacities.

So, don’t hesitate to stop by when you drive through New Braunfels or Spicewood, or come with a group. You can bet we are going to be looking forward to seeing you!

(psst … we are about to have some super fun opportunities to welcome you back to camp … stay tuned!)

Christy, Cyndea & Jamie: Three WOGS & their 11 MAC sons!