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Huddle Up!

Huddle Up, Folks. We have a challenge for you. 

In February, we are calling for a competition that only T Bar M Alumni can handle. Sure, you might need to knock off the cobwebs to remember the cheers. (Here's some help: A-L-P-H-A, Alpha, Alpha all the way! O-Omega, Mighty, Mighty Omega!) 

It will be a competition that will take you right back to the days of your time at T Bar M. We have compiled the everyday things of being a coach that YOU can put into your life right now, right where you are.  But of course, we will wrap it up in one big competition between the Alphas and the Omegas.  Fact is, we still abide by the #1 rule of camp: Don't Waste Fun! 

There's no doubt God changed us through our experiences at T Bar M.  Encouraging one another, circling up in a huddle or covenant group, sharing our stories, and basking in traditions (yes, traditions) were used then and can most certainly be used now. 

We cannot wait to connect with you, compete with (or against) you, and share what the Lord continues to do in and through T Bar M! 

So, let's get FUAGNEM (Fired Up and Going Nuts Every Minute) ... even if it's at a slower pace for a few of us. 

The Details

Who can compete? Anyone and everyone that has served at T Bar M. 

Where will you compete?  In your home, your office, your town. Anywhere! 

How will you compete?  The following categories will have simple, purposeful (& maybe a bit crazy) tasks for you to complete.  Encouragement, huddle, testimony, coaches, tradition, hi-hos and future FUAGNEM.  

A downloadable scorecard will be turned in at the end of February. 

Why compete?  For fun. To gather. To represent Alpha or Omega for the bragging rights of the Alumni Score on the summer board! 

What can I do to prepare for such a worthy competition? 
1. Stretch (I’m looking at y’all from the early 90’s). 
2. Pull out your red or blue best. 
3, Recruit your fellow coaches.   
4. Be Ready2Go! 

Full details are coming to you in an email on January 13th. 

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