Meet our full-time staff

we hire people passionate about ministry

T Bar M is about relationships and that starts with our staff. We hire people passionate about their personal relationship with Christ, passionate to serve and passionate about T Bar M’s mission … to present Jesus and teach His ways in an exciting, enthusiastic and encouraging camp and retreat experience. We hope you, too, feel a part of our family as you experience your event at T Bar M.


Senior Leadership Team

  • John MacDonald


  • Chris Shelton

    Senior Director of Camps & Camp Travis Director

  • Seth McCord

    Senior Director of Discipleship Programs

  • Andy Krawiec

    Senior Director of Operations

  • Katie Tucker

    Senior Director of Retreats

  • Cole Adams

    Senior Director of Development

  • Janna Kelsey

    Senior Director of Marketing and Communications



  • Matt Krehbiel

    Camp Travis Men's Director Intern

  • Jordan Kingsley

    New Braunfels Day Camp Men's Director

  • Bekah Snell

    Assistant Director of Camp Operations

  • Austin Mankin

    Base Camp Director

  • Ryan Williams

    Discover Camp Men's Director/Recruiting Coordinator

  • Chris Ogren

    Family Camp Men's Director

  • Andrew Puhl

    Midland Day Camp Assistant Site Director

  • Cam Roberts

    Camp Travis Women's Director

  • Cassie Richey

    Discover Camp Women's Director

  • Chris Shelton

    Senior Director of Camps & Camp Travis Director

  • Will Bowling

    Base Camp Men's Director

  • Nola Bishop

    New Braunfels Day Camp Women's Director

  • Cy Calhoun

    Discover Camp Site Director

  • Colby Warren

    Camp Travis Men's Director

  • Rachel Ligon

    Family Camp Director

  • D O’Quinn

    Director of Day Camps



  • Chase Horcica

    Retreat Coordinator

  • Madeline Sigler

    Retreat Coordinator

  • Barrett Miller

    Retreat Coordinator

  • Natalie Honore

    Timothy Team Women's Director

  • Amy Rose

    Retreat Sales Manager

  • Haley Alexander

    Director of Retreat Coordinators

  • Sarah Lehmann

    Sales Administrative Assistant


Communication & Hospitality

  • Isabeau Chubb

    Welcome Center Receptionist

  • Leah Bowling

    Marketing Specialist

  • Kate Jacobs

    Marketing Director

  • Madi Tipton

    Marketing Communication Assistant

  • Kara Overby

    Social Media Manager

  • Gaye Walker

    Camp Registar

  • Stacy Garrett

    Camp Registrar



  • Brody Kirby

    Lake Travis Property Manager

  • Jolly Ayrhart


  • Rosie Rodriguez


  • Landon Collins

    Maintenance Resident

  • Kendall Anderson


  • Maria Gonzalez


  • Todd Sheehan

    Maintenance Technician

  • John Navarrete

    Maintenance Assistant

  • Kenna Leyden


  • Adam Gribas


  • Jacob Overby

    Facilities Director



  • Kelli Boyd

    Relationship Specialist

  • Courtney Corbello

    Campaign Manager

  • Beth Moeller

    Resource Development & Executive Assistant


Finance and Administration


  • Jonathan Patrick

    I.T. Director

  • Debbi Trosper

    Staff Engagement Manager

  • Mary Leigh Caldwell

    HR Coordinator

  • Estela Villarreal

    Accountant Assistant


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